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It’s time to order this year’s Tax Resource Book !

As a member of California Chapter NATP, you enjoy benefits that come from partnerships our National organization has established. Tax Materials, Inc. – Publishers of TheTaxBook offers our member’s 10-25% off all TheTaxBook products and free shipping year-round!

In addition, they will make a donation to the California Chapter NATP based on the orders received from members using our discount Promo Code. The donation will be $5 for each book purchased, $10 for each subscription to the WebLibrary, and $15 for each Jacob Special!

When ordering, be sure to use CA NATP’s Promo Code 455 to ensure you receive the special member’s discount.

Order at:

Or if you prefer to fax/email, you can use their form

CA NATP Promo Code:  455

To learn more about TheTaxBook and all of the products offered by Tax Materials, Inc. please visit their website at or call at 866-919-5277.

Our organization appreciates the partnership with Tax Materials, Inc. We hope you take advantage of the member discount and order each year.